MG Hector has got a new update. Many such advanced features have been added to the 2023 MG Hector, which makes it a futuristic car. Equipped with the Traffic Jam Assist feature, this vehicle has completely changed in appearance from the outside. At the same time, you can identify the 2023 MG Hector differently by looking from behind. The updated car gets 11 features of the Level 2 ADAS system, which makes it even more advanced in terms of safety.

The look of the 2023 MG Hector has become even more spectacular. The company has redesigned this car from the outside, and now the grille and bumpers of this car have become completely new. Hector’s grille has become bigger than before, coming in a diamond shape, making it even more spectacular in appearance.

On the other hand, many changes are also seen in the rear. The 2023 Hector now gets connected taillights, while the MG logo has also been scaled down. The ‘H E C T O R’ lettering will now be seen just below the connected taillamp, which was earlier given on the side. On the other hand, ADAS will be seen written on the ride side.

Some amazing features are seen in the 2023 MG Hector, which is still considered new in India. One of these is the ‘Auto Turn Indicator’ feature. Auto turn indicator works when the driver turns his vehicle on the left or right side and forgets to give the indicator; in such a situation, this feature automatically indicates which side the vehicle is going to turn through the indicator to the car coming behind.

A traffic jam assist feature has been given, which comes in level 2 aids. The Traffic Jam Assist feature will come in handy when you are passing through some traffic with your vehicle. Suppose you are stuck in a traffic jam or your car is standing at a red light, and as soon as the green light turns on, your vehicle is moving slowly; at that time, this feature corrects the car by measuring the distance of all the vehicles passing around your vehicle. Walking in the lane will help.

The touchscreen infotainment system is one of the most significant changes inside the cabin. The 2023 MG Hector now has a more extensive 14-inch infotainment system with many advanced features. On its screen, you can get better visibility of 360-degree cameras. You can use the 360-degree camera in the 2D or 3D options because this has been updated in this model.

This vehicle’s sunroof can now be accessed in an advanced way by sitting in the driving seat. You can access its sunroof from the infotainment system. You can select the percentage you want to open the sunroof via the touchscreen. You can also access the sunroof in this vehicle through voice commands.

This car will include many features like emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, auto indicator system, traffic jam assist, lane keep assist, and driver drowsiness alert. Inside the cabin, the car will also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, rectangular-shaped air conditioning vents, and a large panoramic sunroof.


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