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Yamaha Tricity Scooters; Know what are the features in it

Japanese two-wheeler maker Yamaha has recently updated and relaunched its three-wheeled Yamaha Tricity scooter range.

Yamaha launched its three-wheeled Tricity scooters in Japan in 2014 with two models (Tricity 125 and Tricity 155). Tricity scooters usually have two wheels at the rear, but the design of Yamaha’s scooters with two wheels at the front and one at the rear attracts people’s attention. These Yamaha scooters are now available for sale in the global market.

While giving a sporty look to these scooters, an attempt has been made to keep it simple. In which all LED set-up, i.e. LED headlight, LED DRL and LCD centre console, has been given. Apart from this, it has been given an integrated grab rail with a single seat, which works to help the rear seat. At the same time, 14-inch alloy wheels have been given in the Tricity scooters in the front and 13-inch alloy wheels in the rear. Due to the easy tilt of the front wheel, there is no problem turning it, and it can be turned easily on the corner. Keyless entry and smartphone connectivity are also available in the Tricity scooter.

Talking about the price of Tricity scooters, the starting price of Tricity 125 in Japan will be (4,95,000 yen), i.e. around Rs 3.10 lakh, and the price of Tricity 155 will be (5,56,500 yen), i.e. around Rs 3.54 lakh. As of now, official information has yet to be given by the company regarding introducing these scooters showcased in Japan in India.

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