ADVs are yet to be introduced by Yamaha in the Indian market. Yamaha has many of ADVs and off-road vehicles in its collection. They have a large selection available on the global market. The only difference is that Team Blue’s ADV was lost to India.

Considering the ADV motorcycles for sale in India: Off-road vehicles and ADVs have recently grown significantly at the lower end of the range. Along with Honda’s CB200X, the Xpulse 200 is the standard off-road vehicle. There is space for an ADV from a well-known brand that would fall between Xpulse and Himalayan.

Yamaha 150cc Adventure Motorcycle

Yamaha appears to have realized this and recently disclosed that a 125cc to 155cc ADV is being considered. A recent report claims that Yamaha intends to introduce a high-end ADV powered by an engine with a displacement between 125cc and 155cc. ADVs are under focus, according to Yamaha India Chairman Eishin Chihana, because of their enormous popularity in the nation.

He further stated that Yamaha India is looking for an ADV in the 125cc to 155cc range. This focuses the search on the WR 155R, a proper off-road vehicle, and the FZ-X-based pseudo-ADV. One of Yamaha’s best off-road vehicles, the WR 155R is hailed as a real hoot.

The 155.1cc engine produces about 16 horsepower and 14 Nm of torque. It has dual-purpose tyres on its 21″ front and 18″ rear spoke wheels. The trail would continue for its 8L gasoline tank if extended travel suspension and a 245 mm ground clearance were added. If Yamaha takes this into account, it will be significantly more expensive than Xpulse 200 4V.

If Yamaha is serious about introducing an ADV in India, it will likely be a phoney ADV based on the FZ-X already on the market. We previously reported an ADV built on the FZ-X platform that took first place in the company’s customization contest. That has a good likelihood of being produced or something close.

Thinking about a fake ADV based on the FZ-X could be more fascinating. The Yamaha RX100 coming back with an ICE engine is intriguing, though. However, it would have a larger engine than a 100cc this time.

Yamaha will then be able to compare the performance and personality of the future RX motorcycle to that of the original RX100. In a couple of years, the RX100 will be updated. The ADV from Yamaha could debut earlier.



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