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Voomi City Electric Scooter launched in updated version; Single charge will run 100 + km

The craze for electric scooters is increasing rapidly among people. In the present time, most people like electric scooters. The main reason is that there is no hassle of putting petrol and diesel in it. Due to the fluctuations in the prices of petrol and diesel on the day in India, people were upset to a great extent.

IVoomi City Electric Scooter:

Today we will give you information about the new electric scooter which has recently been launched in the Indian market. Apart from being attractive, it has been made special by adding updated features. This scooter boasts a long range on a low budget. We are talking about the iVOOMi City electric scooter, which is greatly liked in terms of range and design.

In the complete detail of the iVOOMi City Electric Scooter, you will know every small and big detail of the price, battery pack, range and features of this scooter so that you have many options while buying an electric scooter.

IVoomi City Electric Scooter Range, Battery and Motor power:

IVoomi City Electric Scooter has been developed in India. You will get a range of about 100 km on a single charge.

A 60V, 35Ah Lithium Ion battery powers it. Due to this, you are connected to a powerful electric motor of 250 watts capable of generating better electricity.

 IVoomi City Electric Scooter Charging time, top speed and braking system:

Regarding the time taken to charge this electric scooter completely, the company claims it takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge it completely with the help of a normal charger. You may be annoyed by its top speed.

Because of this, you will see a top speed of about 25km/hr. Talking about its braking system, along with the front brake of this electric scooter, the facility of disc brakes has been given in the rear brake.

IVoomi City Electric Scooter Design and Price:

This electric scooter’s body is made the same way as an electric scooter, which is visible in a thin body. LED light has been installed in its light. Overall its design is going to be good.

Talking about its price, its ex-showroom price in the Indian market is around Rs 82,000, which can vary from place to place. Its on-road price can get a slight jump, up to Rs 84,000.


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