As a result of the increasing demand for two-wheelers in India, companies have started to introduce new models to the market. Nevertheless, customers need help selecting just one model among the many offered there. A few years ago, Bajaj and Hero’s companies introduced their bikes, the CT100 and Splendor, to the Indian market. Since then, these bikes have been the top option for low-cost customers.

Bajaj CT100 and Splendor Price:

The most affordable bike in India is the Bajaj CT 100, priced at about 50,000 (ex-showroom). On the other hand, the Hero Splendor price is about Rs. 63,000 (ex-showroom), making it slightly more expensive than the CT 100. The Hero Splendor has more features than the CT 100, which is vital to remember.

CT 100 is better than Splendor in mileage:

Bajaj bikes are considered to be at the forefront regarding mileage, where the CT 100 can deliver a mileage of up to 89.5 km, making it the most fuel-efficient bike in India. Hero Splendor, on the other hand, has a mileage of 80 km which is still quite impressive.

CT100 and Splendor powertrain:

An air-cooled, 4-stroke, 97.2 cc engine powers the Hero Splendor, producing 8.36 horsepower and 8.05 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the Bajaj CT 100 has a 102 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that generates 7.9 bhp of power and 8.34 Nm of torque. Regarding power output, Hero Splendor is slightly superior to CT 100.

Hero Splendor has more features than CT100:

The Hero Splendour includes various features, such as a digital-analogue instrument cluster, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, and an i3S system that regulates the engine to conserve fuel. The Ct100, on the other hand, comes with a rudimentary instrument panel, spoke wheels, and tubed tyres. Compared to the CT 100, the Hero Splendor undoubtedly has more features.

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