The F77 electronic motorbike from Ultraviolette was eventually introduced to the Indian industry. According to the company, it is India’s first electrified, efficient motorbike. KTM is another manufacturer that helped popularise efficiency bikes in India; before the introduction of their motorbikes, hardly anything else in the market made available the same level of horsepower at the budget they did. The KTM 390 Duke would be an ICE motorbike that could compete with the Ultraviolette F77, given its price and capabilities. Here is a comparison between the KTM 390 Duke with the Ultraviolette F77’s base model.

Both motorbikes are unadorned in appearance. On both motorbikes, the frontal LED headlight is flat, although it has a unique configuration. With its radiator wrappings and protruding trellis structure lacquered in black and orange, the 390 Duke has a striking appearance.

The layout of the Ultraviolette F77 does make it appear menacing. All of the exterior trajectories are covered by flat body panels. The gasoline tank seems bulky, and the back end is somewhat angular.

KTM 390 Duke vs Ultraviolette F77: Specifications

The F77 has a maximum horsepower output of 36.2 and an angular velocity of 85 Nm. The F77’s maximum velocity is 140 km. In contrast, the engine of the Duke 390 generates a maximum of 43.5 horsepower and a maximum torque of 37 Nm. So, while the 390 produces more power, the F77 has much more torque.

Hardware comparison of the Ultraviolette F77 and KTM 390 Duke

Both motorbikes have mono shocks at the back and 41 mm USD forks up front. The KTM lacks adjustment, whereas Ultraviolette does. Both motorbikes have 320 mm discs up front and 230 mm at the back for deceleration.

KTM 390 Duke versus the Ultraviolette F77: Expense

Valued at 3.80 lakh (ex-showroom), the F77 is more expensive than the KTM 390 Duke, which costs 2.96 lakh (ex-showroom). Yes, the 390 Duke is considerably less costly than the Ultraviolette F77’s base model. Still, since it is an electric motorbike, its maintenance and operating expenses are also considerably lower than those of a gasoline-powered motorbike.

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