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TVs will bring new electric scooters and bikes; know the full details

The TVS company is preparing to introduce new electric two-wheeler models after updating its iQube electric scooter line last year. In a recent interview with investors, the company’s director and CEO, K N Radhakrishnan, disclosed that many new electric models in various market sectors would be introduced over the following 18 months. These models will range in power output from 5 to 25 kW.

This suggests that TVS would enter the high-end electric two-wheeler market and introduce electric motorcycles. The new versions will likely be positioned above the iQube, which has a 4.4kW motor as its power source. Additionally, a motorbike form factor would be predictable, given that outputs can reach 25kW.

Radhakrishnan did not elaborate when asked if the models would have fixed or swappable battery packs, only saying that the next items would “please customers.” It’s noteworthy that the concept of swappable/removable batteries was not completely disregarded, even though we can only infer a little from this.

The iQube is already one of the best-selling high-speed EVs on the market, and TVS says it aims to maintain this success. The new launches should help TVS retain momentum. TVS is currently managing to more than double its EV sales every quarter. Additionally, Radhakrishnan mentioned that a new ICE would launch this quarter, though again, more specifics needed to be provided. This is likely a modification or upgrade to an existing model.

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