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TVS Sales Breakup for October 2022: Raider, Jupiter, Apache, XL, and Ntorq

In October 2022, TVS outperformed Bajaj Auto to place third among all distributors in revenue.

In comparison to the comparable duration last year, when TVS Motor Company sold 2,58,777 units domestically, the corporation sold 2,75,934 vehicles in October 2022, representing a 6.6% YoY increase in revenue. To place third in the overall producers’ sales rankings, the Hosur-based firm defeated Bajaj Auto.

The company reported a global position of 17.49%, up from 16.67% in October 2021 and an increase of 0.82 % year over year. With a YoY significant turnover rise of 7% in India, the Jupiter scooter sold 77,042 sales the previous month instead of 72,161 units over the same timeframe in 2021.

In comparison to 55,356 units sold during the same period one year prior, the XL100 saw a total of 44,638 revenue and profit the previous month, a YoY volume reduction of 19%. With a YoY growth of 3%, the immensely renowned Apache succession reported 40,988 sales as opposed to 39,799 units. With 31,049 units, the Ntorq 125 placed fourth overall.

This represents a YoY growth of 21% compared to the 25,693 units sold within the previous year’s identical timeframe. A YoY increase of 129% was seen in the revenue of the admittance agile commuting, the Raider 125, which totalled 24,153 units last month as opposed to 10,553 units. The Sport commuter motorbike was in sixth place behind the Raider.

With a YoY unfavourable expansion of 8%, it achieved 18,126 products in October 2022 compared to 19,730 items over the same timeframe the year before. The iQube hoverboard saw a surge of 1951%, while the Radeon reported a YoY sales dip of 8% with 14,279 units compared to 15,596 units in October 2021.

Only a few months after its spectrum was enlarged, the iQube posted 8,013 modules instead of 395 units. Before Zest, Pep+, and the top-tier Apache RR310, The Star City came in ninth place

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