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TVS is giving great offers on Holi, Buy TVS Ronin Triple Tone DAWN Orange at just ₹ 5,770 a month

If you are considering purchasing the most recent TVS Ronin model, the TVS Ronin Triple Tone – Dual Channel – DAWN Orange, in March but do not want to make the entire payment, we have an instalment payment plan for you today that will allow you to do so. We will also discuss its specs, features, power, on-road cost, and fuel usage.

TVS Ronin Triple Tone – Dual Channel – Specifications 

Let’s start by talking about its specifications. Its mileage is 42.95 kilometres, to give you an idea. In terms of the engine, it has a 225.9 cc displacement. Regarding engine type, it is a single-cylinder, four-stroke, four-wall SOHC. Is

About the number of cylinders, you can see one of them in it. In terms of maximum power, it produces its most power at 20.4 PS 7550 rpm. Both the front and rear brakes on it are foreign. Sir Bikes is a cafe racer bike if you’re talking about body type.

TVS Ronin Triple Tone – Dual Channel – Top Speed

When we talk about the distance travelled on the highway, it provides 40.70 km, and the speed from 0 to 80 km/h is explained in 5.9 seconds. With a top speed of 120 km, it has a 160 kg weight.

Price For TVS Ronin Triple Tone, Dual Channel, Dawn Orange

Regarding the TVS Ronin’s on-road cost, its showroom price is 170750, with no fees of 4226 and insurance fees of 1,25,65. If the year is 2,250, the on-road cost is 1,99,791. Inside Delhi, tax is due.

How to buy TVS Ronin Triple Tone , with a down payment of Rs 20,000

If we’re talking about it, the cheapest down payment option is 20,000. A down payment of up to 20,000 will be required. is ₹1,89,791

Which, if calculated using a 9.7% bank interest rate, would need you to pay 5,770 EMI each month over 36 months, which would require you to pay more than 28,147 in road costs.

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