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This motorcycle equipped with ‘keyless’ features will be launched today

On November 21, the manufacturer of electric two-wheelers Matter unveiled its first electric bike in India. On March 1, the company will now disclose the price of this electric bike. The manufacturer kept the name of this bike a secret throughout the unveiling, which makes it unique. During the launch, a name will also be given to this bike. The Matter Electric bike also has a built-in speaker system for music, and it can be started without a key. Tell us about this bike’s attributes.

Advanced features

According to the manufacturer, this electric bike has over 80 connection functions. Many cutting-edge technologies have been added, including auto-reply, music, a “keyless” drive, storage space, a seven-inch screen display, accident detection, twin disc brakes, geo-fencing, and calling capabilities.

keyless start

This electric bike can be started without the use of a key. You will receive a sensor that you may put in your pocket to start the car and access its capabilities. The plug the charger used to charge this bike is similar to a standard charger. Your bicycle can be charged by plugging it into any socket. A 5m plug is available for charging the e-bike. A 6A 3-pin charger can be used to charge devices.

Range and Battery Pack

10.5 kW of power and 520 Nm of maximum torque may be produced by the Mater electric motorcycle. A 4-speed manual gearbox with a hyper shift is also included. The motor also includes an internal liquid cooling system, which prevents the bike from overheating even after lengthy rides. The e-bike has an IP67 rating, a very clever BMS, and a 5 kWh battery capacity. This motorcycle can travel 125–150 kilometres on a single charge.

The first motorcycle with a gearbox

The motorcycle owned by Mater has a “gearbox” in it. Today, no gearbox option is available on any electric bike introduced to the Indian market.

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