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This Modified Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Geta A New Identity

The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, which still ranks among the most costly models in the brand’s lineup, has a robust engine and agile handling. Many RE Continental GT 650 motorcycles have been changed in the past, but this custom bike from Taiwan’s Rough Crafts custom shop has a different look.

Custom carbon-fibre bodywork with an all-black colour scheme is added to this new modified bike. Gold pinstripes also add to the colour scheme, while the fuel (power) tank is similar to the factory model. The bike’s rear frame has also been altered, and the addition of bespoke panels has given it a new, distinctive shape.

The bike has an Ohlins inverted fork, a mono-shock suspension system, and five-spoke alloy wheels with Pirelli Diablo Superbike SC2 tyres. The braking system has also been improved, with a larger and more potent rear disc and more potent Beringer callipers for the front brakes.

While the bike still has a 648 cc gasoline engine, it now has a dual SC-Project full system exhaust that enhances its performance. This engine produces a maximum of 52 Nm of torque and 47.6 PS of peak power in stock form.

Despite this, the bike is also developing various other models using the same 650cc platform. Recently, the company introduced the new Super Meteor 650 in the nation, and soon the Shotgun 650, Classic 650, Scrambler 650, Himalayan 650, and Bullet 650 are anticipated to follow.

The company is also developing some new 450cc bikes, including the Scram 450 and Himalayan 450. Both motorcycles will use a new, more potent liquid-cooled engine and be built on a new base. However, more information still needs to be discovered.



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