The two-wheeler market in India has the most significant sales. People have bought a lot of bikes and scooters, even in November 2022. Almost all top two-wheeler manufacturers, except Bajaj Auto, have reported strong sales. The nation’s top firm in terms of sales is once again Hero MotoCorp. The business sold 3,79,839 units in total last month. Meanwhile, TVS has overtaken Bajaj Auto to claim the third spot. See here how the top two-wheeler brands will do.

Hero MotoCorp: 

In the two-wheeler segment, Hero MotoCorp sold 3,79,839 units in November 2022. However, this time there has been a significant decline in sales compared to last month. Even after this, Hero MotoCorp has become India’s number-one two-wheeler company. In the previous month of October, the company sold a total of 4,42,825 units. At the same time, the company sold 8.7 percent more two-wheelers than the total sales of 3,49,393 units in November last year.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India: 

Honda ranks second in terms of sales in the Indian two-wheeler industry. The company has performed amazingly in the last month. The gap between Hero MotoCorp and Honda has reduced considerably. Honda sold a total of 3,53,540 units in November. In November last year, the company sold a total of 2,56,174 units. Compared to 2,56,174 units in November 2021, Honda has increased sales by 38 percent.

TVS Motor: 

TVS has placed at number three in the domestic market by defeating its rival, Bajaj Auto. In November 2022, TVS sold a total of 1,91,730 units. In last October 2022, the company sold a total of 2,75,934 units. In November 2021, the company sold 9 percent more than 1,75,940 units.

Bajaj Auto: 

Bajaj is number four in the Indian two-wheeler industry. Bajaj sold a total of 1,23,490 units in November 2022. A total of 1,44,953 units were sold in November last year. In this context, compared to November last year, sales have decreased by 15 percent. Whereas, in October 2022, Bajaj Auto sold 2,06,00 units.

Royal Enfield: 

Royal Enfield placed at number five in November 2022, leaving behind Suzuki. The company sold a total of 65,760 units in November 2022. The company sold a total of 44,830 units in November last year. Compared to the previous year, the company registered a huge growth of 47 percent in November 2022.

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Suzuki sold 63,156 units in November 2022, an increase of 21 percent. In November last year, the company sold a total of 55,662 units. The coming new year 2023 in the Indian two-wheeler industry can see the launch of many new two-wheelers.




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