At Auto Expo 2023, many companies will showcase their products. Some of these will also be electric two-wheelers. According to media reports, which companies can present their electric two-wheelers during the expo?

LML is once again making a comeback in the Indian market. According to media reports, the electric scooter Star from LML can be introduced at the Auto Expo. Along with this, the company can also introduce Moonshot electric bikes at the expo. Two power modes can be found in Moonshot: Surge and City. This electric bike of the company can offer a range of 70 kilometres. The company has already started booking the electric scooter Star, and at the time of launch, it could cost a little over Rs 1 lakh.

Ultraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette recently introduced the country’s most expensive electric bike F77. According to media reports, the company can showcase this bike at Auto Expo 2023. The bike has two battery variants, in which a range of 206-307 kilometres is available. The F77 offers 36.2 bhp and 85 Nm of torque in the basic variant. The Recon bike gets 38.8 bhp and 95 Newton meters of torque. In the top variant Limited, the bike gets 100-newton meters of torque with 40.5 horsepower. The bike’s ex-showroom price is between Rs 3.80 lakh to Rs 4.55 lakh.


The new electric bike was introduced some time ago by the company. According to media reports, the company can share other information, including the price and name of the bike, at the Auto Expo. The company’s new electric bike has a four-speed gearbox, and the bike that comes with ABS gets a range of 125 to 150 km.

Torque motors

Torque Motors can introduce the new generation bike at the Auto Expo. According to reports, the company’s new bike will be built on a new platform. Along with this, a better battery and motor can be given to the bike to get more power and better range. Additionally, cosmetic changes can also be given to the new bike.


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