The Yamaha RX100 of the 90s, once again dominating the Indian market for decades, will create noise in the corridors with stormy features and spectacular looks. Yamaha RX 100’s sudden production After being discontinued and almost three decades have passed, this motorcycle is again in the news. You feel you close your eyes, and when you wake up, India’s most iconic motorcycle Yamaha RX100 stands at your door.

The generation has changed; Yamaha RX100 is not preferred, but it is still the first choice of Indians

Yamaha RX 100 Gets Heart-Throbbing Relaunch

The Yamaha RX 100, the most iconic motorcycle ever made in the Indian two-wheeler market, is all set to make a comeback in the Indian two-wheeler market. Yes, we are talking about Yamaha RX100, which is getting ready to launch again in India. Recently, Yamaha Motor India Chairman Eishin Chihana has said that Yamaha RX100 can be introduced in a new avatar in the coming times. It is believed that with cosmetic changes and a new engine, the favourite 100 cc bike of millions of people, the Yamaha RX100 will be seen running on Indian roads in the next few years.

Yamaha RX 100 look and engine

The killer look and powerful engine will create havoc in the market. Recently the news has been published in Hindu Businessline that Yamaha’s iconic bike may be relaunched in India. After this, there was no place for the happiness of the people. Yamaha Motor India’s chairman said we want to bring back the RX100, which can have BS-6 engines. Presenting it with better style and features is a big challenge, which is being tried to make possible. It may be launched by the year 2026 with some other nameplate.

Millions of people are crazy about Yamaha RX 100

Millions of people are crazy about Yamaha RX 100 because of its speed and easy handling, and people used to like it a lot. Even now, thousands of people keep it as a hobby. Yamaha RX100 was also seen in films. If this bike can be launched in the coming time, then the sales of the best-selling Hero Splendor in the 100 cc segment can be affected. The arrival of the Yamaha RX100 in India will be a beautiful dream come true for millions of people.

The new look of the Yamaha RX100

Yamaha RX100 was the choice of enthusiasts. The reason was its Decent round headlight look, sleek body, lightweight and great pickup. The RX 100 used to have the highest pickup among two-stroke bikes. Although the motorcycle’s top speed was quite low compared to today’s bikes, the initial torque could leave many of today’s bikes behind.

When will Yamaha RX100 be launched?

 According to media reports, the Yamaha company will launch the RX 100 bike again; let us know its great features. It is worth noting that Yamaha’s bike is similar to the old bike; the design of its seeds is visible in the old look. Coming, but this time the company is also giving alloy wheels so that this bike can knock in an affordable segment.

Reasons for Discontinuance of Yamaha RX 100

What was the reason for the closure of the Yamaha RX 100? One of Yamaha’s Grand Father of All Bikes, there are many stories behind the closure of RX100; the truth is that this two-stroke bike production was stopped in 1996 because it caused pollution and was not meeting the norms. After this, many generations were also launched, out of which RXZ and RX135 became the most popular, but their production was also stopped later due to these reasons.

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