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Simple One scooter’s simple claim will get a great range of 236km on a single charge, with the specification with detailed details

Simple One scooter’s simple claim will get a stunning range of 236km on single charge, specification with view details, details of those options of electric scooters present in the market that can become an alternative to long-range and high-tech features for you in a low budget. Let us tell you today the complete details about the simple one-scooter!

If you are thinking of buying a new electric scooter or want information about the options available in the market, then know the price of a simple one (a simple one) price, range, top speed, and features with battery pack Detail.

Simple One Price

Simple Energy has launched this electric scooter in the market with an initial price of Rs 1.10 lakh, which becomes Rs 1.45 lakh when it goes to its top variants.

Simple One Battery Pack And Motor Power

The company has installed a 4.8 kWh and 1.6 kW capacity lithium-ion battery pack with an electric motor with 8500-watt power in the simple forest. The company offers a 3-year warranty on this battery pack.

Simple One Riding Range and Top Speed

Regarding the simple energy range, the electric scooter gives a range of 236 km once fully charged, certified by ARAI. The company also claims a 105 km range with this range. Regarding the speed of the simple one, the company makes another claim that this electric scooter achieves a speed of 0 to 40 kilometres per hour in 2.77 seconds.

Simple One Braking and Suspension System

Regarding the braking system, its front and rear wheel have been given a combi braking system with disc brakes. Regarding the suspension system, telescopic forks in the front and monotube mono-shock suspension in the rear have been given.

Simple One Features and Specification

7-inch TFT Instrument Console, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi connectivity, LED headlight, LED tail light, LED turn signal lamp, digital trip meter, digital speedometer, three riding modes, dark mode on display, remote access, ride status, Features such as Save and Forward Route, 30 litres under seat storage, and low battery indicators are available.


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