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Royal Enfield will launch its first electric bike with a big battery pack

Every automaker is working hard to introduce its new electric bike or scooter due to the increasing popularity of electric cars. In this case, Royal Enfield will also display their bike in an electric form. Some of its images go viral on social media before the launch. Let us now know its specification and other details.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike

India’s most loved bullet bike “Royal Enfield”, is a subsidiary of Eicher Motors and an Indo-European two-wheeler manufacturer whose vehicles are known for their class and social status. The bike is the dream of many of our youngsters from all sections of society. People like Royal Enfield a lot because of its special features. The company is now going to introduce it in an electric avatar, and the company has named it Electric01. For those who like Royal Enfield and wish to ride an eco-friendly bike in a Royal Enfield style, the company has designed the electric bullet bike. If reports are to be believed, Royal Enfield’s first electric bike could be based on the Neo-Retro styling.

Some changes have been made to the look of the bike.

The company will present this bike with a new look by doing some modifications. Also, some of its photos have surfaced, in which the Neo retro style of the first electric bike has been seen.
According to the leaked photos, it is known that the front part of the bike can be quite classic. Besides this, LED headlights with round shapes have been given, and its fuel tank is seen in the old style. With the big battery pack, it will be able to deliver a great range. Apart from this, information has yet to be given about it in more detail.

Bike Battery and Range

The Royal Enfield Ceo stated that their EV would also be a comfortable long-range bike and that it will be very high in its competitive market; therefore, we can expect that the Royal Enfield Bullet bike will travel up to 300km to 500km on a single charge. They also need a big battery for long-distance travel, around 10kwh. And it will take 8 to 10 hours to charge.

When will it be launched?

If media reports are to be believed, then the company can launch this electric scooter in the Indian EV market by the year 2025. Still, people, especially the young generation, eagerly await it.
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