The Japanese two-wheeler maker Suzuki has introduced three updated scooters to the Indian market. What modifications has the manufacturer made to these scooters, and what will the cost be following the update? In this news, we are providing you with this information.

Three scooters launched

With the upgrade by Suzuki India, three scooters were released on the Indian market. Updated scooters include the Suzuki Access 125, Avenis 125, and Bergman.

Engine update

Suzuki has improved the motors of the three scooters. Following the update, ethanol will now be used to power all three scooters. Also, they have been upgraded for BS-6’s second phase. They will then produce relatively little pollution after that.

How much is the price

All three scooters have been updated and released on behalf of Suzuki. The Suzuki Access 125 Standard Edition’s ex-showroom cost with the drum brake is Rs 79400. Its disc variant costs Rs 83100. Access’ special edition would cost you Rs. 84800. It will be offered with the Ride Connect edition for Rs 89500. Suzuki has set Avnis’ ex-showroom pricing at 92 thousand rupees. The race edition would cost Rs 92300. The ex-showroom price of Bergman Street has been set at Rs 93000, and the ride connection edition’s price has been set at Rs 97000.

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