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PURE EV EcoDryft Electric Bike company claims a 135 km range on a single charge

Another new entry in the electric bike segment is the Pure EV EcoDryft, introduced by Hyderabad-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer PURE EV. Along with introducing the PURE EV EcoDryft, the company has also opened up the test drive of the bike for customers.

The company has yet to announce the PURE EV EcoDryft launch date and price. But according to reports, the company may launch this bike during the 2023 Auto Expo held in January 2023.

PURE EV EcoDryft Battery and Motor

Pure EV has fitted a 3.0 kWh lithium-ion battery pack in this electric bike. This battery pack is AIS 156 certified. The company still needs to make public the power and specification of the motor fitted with this battery.

PURE EV EcoDryft Range and Top Speed

Talking about the range and top speed of Pure EV EcoDrift, the company claims that this bike will give a riding range of 135 km once fully charged and with this range, a top speed of 75 km per hour is also available.

PURE EV EcoDryft Colors and Design

Talking about the design of the Pure EV EcoDrift, it looks like a basic commuter bike. Angular headlamp, five-spoke alloy wheel, single piece seat, the fuel tank of attractive design in which storage is available in this bike. Talking about the colours, the company has introduced this bike with four colour themes: Black, Grey, Blue and Red.

PURE EV EcoDryft Braking and Suspension

Talking about the bike’s braking system, the company has installed a disc brake in its front wheel and a drum brake in the rear wheel, with which Combi Braking System is available. The suspension system has telescopic fork suspension at the front and spring-based shock absorber suspension at the rear.

PURE EV EcoDryft Rivals

Once in the market, the Pure EV EcoDrift electric bike will compete with the Revolt RV400, Tork Kratos and Oben Rorr.


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