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Powerful Matter AERA 5000 EV bike to track driver’s location launched; Features are also different, know full details

The tremendous bike which can catch the speed of 60 Km in 6 Sec is creating panic in the market; see the details; more than one Ev Bike is being launched in the market every day, come today we are going to tell you about the best and best bike of Matter The different features of this bike is that it has emergency accident assist feature. Due to this, in case of any accident on the road, while driving, this system will connect the driver’s location to the help centre. See full detail.

Matter AERA 5000 Bike Top speed and Battery Pack:

This powerful Ev Bike of Ahmedabad-based start-up company Matter can accelerate up to 60 kilometres in just 6 seconds. The bike has a powerful 10 kW battery. It is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission gearbox. The company claims the electric bike will run up to 125 km on a single charge.

Matter AERA 5000 Bike Different Riding Modes:

By July 2023, deliveries of the bike will begin. The bike has a built-in active cooling system and various riding modes. With a standard charger, the battery charges in 5 hours. The DC fast charger also charges completely in under two hours simultaneously.

Matter AERA 5000 Bike Different Features:

If we talk about the features, then tremendous features have been added to this bike by the company. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Wi-Fi), Real-Time Battery Consumption, Software Update Over the Air (OTA), 7-inch LCD Touch Screen, Online Navigation, Accident Detection & Emergency Notification, and Smartphone Connectivity.

Matter AERA 5000 Braking System and Price:

The bike has disc brakes on both wheels, a dual sensor, a single-channel anti-lock braking system, and a thermal management system. The bikes Aera 5000 and Aera 5000 Plus have two variations introduced to the market. The price of the Matter AERA 5000 begins at Rs. 1.43 lakh (ex-showroom).

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