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Okinawa is soon to launch new electric bike; All Key Details

Okinawa Autotech, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, recently unveiled its three-year growth strategy by opening its first Research and Development Center in Italy in partnership with its joint venture partner Tacita. More than 25 million euros will be invested overall by its company.

A motorcycle built at the Global Center will be the company’s first electric cruiser model, unveiled soon. According to the manufacturer, this motorcycle will have numerous modern features and perform better than any other in its segment globally. To lead the new technology centre, the co-founder of Tacita Pierpaolo Rigo will be located in India alongside Okinawa’s research and development group.

The company will use this Global Research and Development Center to create a new e-powertrain to support the development of its new goods and modernise its current product line.

The company will launch its recruitment drive at this location and hire about 50 specialists from India and other countries, putting their domestic and international skills to the test. The T-Cruise and the T-Race are among the six electric motorcycles that Tacita now lists on its website under its two names.

Jitendra Sharma, MD & Founder of Okinawa Autotech, said, “The company’s new centre will work to develop new technologies of the future for the next generation of electric vehicles. We are preparing our first high-speed electric cruiser motorcycle for the Indian and global markets. Praise Tacita’s cooperation for doing.”

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