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Okinawa is giving a 2-year extra Warranty; know the key Details

Okinawa is known for its electric scooters. It will soon present its consumers with a significant gift. The company has added nearly two years to the guarantee on all its new and used electric scooters so that users will receive a special gift. Let’s go over the plan’s specifics, including how users will benefit from it and how it works.

What will be covered under the Okinawa Extended Warranty Program?

Assurant Inc., a well-known provider of business services with its global headquarters in New York, USA, has joined forces with us to announce this plan. The warranty programme will cover essential powertrain parts such as traction motors, controllers, DC-DC converters, and chargers. Okinawa is the first firm to give a warranty on wiring harnesses and frames as.

With this move, the business has become a leader in the industry by introducing a programme with several benefits aimed at enhancing the after-sales experience. The programme provides a wide range of all-inclusive measures and solutions to satisfy its clients better. The programme demonstrates how committed the company is to sustain its high-quality standards, which will undoubtedly benefit customers.

What is the cost of the Okinawa Extended Warranty Program?

The extended Warranty (up to two years) might price anywhere between Rs. 2,287* and Rs. 5,494* depending on the variety of automobile models. It will remain valid for new customers and those who have purchased an Okinawa vehicle in the last three years.

The company will carry out the scheme through its extensive network of more than 540 authorized dealers and under the direction of qualified specialists across the nation. Customers can take advantage of the faster, more straightforward, and hassle-free claim filing process as needed and conveniently. Customers can get an extended Warranty by going to the nearby Okinawa dealership.

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