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Okaya freedum will give long range in a single charge, buy only for Rs 74,900

A cheap-cost, high-range electric scooter that has been given fantastic range, pricing, top speed, and features is what we have for you all today once more. Additionally, the Okaya electric scooter has a stylish look and is lightweight. Okaya Freedum Electric Scooter is the name of the scooter.

Okaya Freedum Electric Scooter

Okaya Electric has launched this electric scooter. Compelling features and a powerful battery have been used in it. There is a lot of demand for this electric scooter in the low-budget segment these days.

Features and Braking System

Talking about the braking system, drum brakes have been used on both wheels, with which the Combi Braking System (CBS) has also been added. At the same time, many smart features have also been used. You can operate all these smart features by connecting them to your mobile phone.

Battery: Lithium Ion with 1.4 kWh capacity

Motor: BLDC motor with 250 W power output

Range: 70 to 75 km

Top Speed: 25 km/h

Price: Rs 74,900 (ex-showroom)

Engine: Electric

Battery and Range

The company used a lithium-ion battery pack with a 1.4 kWh capacity in this electric scooter. The battery needs 5 to 6 hours to charge completely. In addition, this battery now includes a BLDC motor with a 250 W power output. According to the manufacturer, the range of this electric scooter is between 70 and 75 kilometres on a single charge. Around 25 kilometres per hour is the top speed.

What is the price of Okaya Freedum?

The company has launched this electric scooter with a starting price of just Rs 74,900 (ex-showroom). On-road, this price increases slightly to Rs 78,581.

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