Okaya EV has launched two new electric scooters in the FAST series, the Okaya Fast F2B and Okaya Fast F2T, in the Indian market, which come with sleek looks and features, up to 85 km battery range and a 70kmph top speed. After Okaya EV’s flagship electric scooter Fasst F4, now with what features the company has introduced two new electric scooters of this series, which you can also see in further detail.

Price starts from Rs 84,999

Talking about the prices of the new Okaya Fast series electric scooters, while the Okaya Fasst F2B costs Rs 89,999, the Okaya Fasst F2T costs Rs 84,999. Both these are ex-showroom prices.

Good battery range and speed

Regarding the battery range and speed of Okaya’s new electric scooter, a 2.2kWh LFP battery pack has been given in Okaya Fasst F2B and Okaya Fasst F2T. A 2000-watt electric motor has been given in these, and their top speed is up to 70kmph.

On the other hand, talking about the battery range, the battery range of Okaya Fast F2T is up to 70-80 kilometres, while the battery capacity of Fast F2T is up to 70-80 kilometres on a single charge.


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