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Odysse Trot Electric Scooter Launched in India at Rs 99,999

Electric vehicle manufacturer Odysse has announced the launch of the B2B electric two-wheeler Odysse Trot, priced at Rs 99,999. It is the most robust heavy-duty bike specially designed for last-mile logistics with a loading capacity of up to 250 kg.

You can drive this electric scooter without a driving license. Because it is a low-speed electric scooter and its top speed is 25 kmph. On the other hand, talking about the range, the company has claimed that this electric scooter can give a mileage of 75 km on a single charge. Apart from this, this scooter also justifies its price tag in terms of features because it gets tracking, immobilization, geo-fencing, and other advanced features.

A 250-watt electric motor operates the Trot. Drum brakes have been given in the front of the electric scooter, and disc brakes in the rear. For ease of charging, the company has included a 60V 32Ah waterproof detachable battery that can be charged to 60% in 2 hours and fully charged in about 4 hours. The 60V32AH IP67 battery pack ensures exceptionally long life and is highly reliable for B2B use.

The Trot is loaded with state-of-the-art technology and features, which can be further customized to meet the varied needs of the delivery sector. Trot A vehicle that can carry heavy loads such as gas cylinders, hardware equipment, water cans, etc. Odysse offers additional customized accessories to make carrying these products comfortable and safe.

Available in four colour options Yellow, Black, Red, and Maroon, the electric two-wheeler is a perfect amalgamation of trendy looks and sturdy build. To ensure maximum comfort for the rider, the Trot comes with features like Smart BMS, IoT Tracking Device, LED Odometer etc.

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