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Know on which date Ola can bring New Electric Scooter

The biggest producer of electric two-wheelers in the country, Ola Electric, may introduce a brand-new electric scooter to the Indian market shortly. The business has disclosed this information.

According to Ola, the company is about to launch a new product in the Indian market. The creator and CEO of the business, Bhavish Aggarwal, has revealed its details.

The CEO and founder of Ola, Bhavish Aggarwal, has provided information about this on social media. He posted a picture in which the new scooter can be seen in passing, along with the date and hour of February 9 and the indication that it will arrive at 2 PM. The product will be revealed on February 9 at 2 PM, he has stated in this passage.

According to media reports, the company can offer the cheapest electric scooter. At present, S1 Air is offered by the company as the cheapest electric scooter. But it is expected that the company can introduce an even cheaper electric scooter on February 9. If this happens, many 110 cc scooters in the market will have to compete with Ola’s new electric scooter.

Ola currently has three electric scooters in its portfolio. These are Ola SOne Pro, SOne and SOne Air. Ola is now the cheapest electric scooter from Asvan Air Company. In the mid-range, the company offers the Ola Sone, and the company sells the Sone Pro as a premium scooter.

The cheapest scooter from Ola is Sone Air, priced at Rs.84999. After this, the price of Sone in the mid-range has been kept at Rs 109999, and in the premium range, the price of Sone Pro has been kept at Rs 132999. All these prices are ex-showroom prices.

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