The cheapest proportion cost increase for Yamaha for January 2023 is for the R15 V4 Racing Blue, at just 0.54%, while the maximum is for the FZ 25, at 2.04%.

Big motorcycles and affordable travellers are now unavailable from Yamaha India. Yamaha India didn’t lack any, though. New R7 and MT-09 have already been previewed and are expected to be on sale. Yamaha hasn’t explicitly hinted at or acknowledged the arrival of the R3 or MT-07, but they may. Yamaha’s current lineup of motorcycles runs from the FZ through the R15.


The two – wheeler lineup runs from the Fascino 125 to the Aerox 155. Yamaha occasionally raises the pricing of all of its automobiles. The previous time this occurred was in October 2022. Yamaha India has increased the cost of its automobiles till January 2023. Pricing across the board has increased, with the exception of FZ and FZ S. Let’s examine the revised pricing.


Yamaha’s FZ 25 and FZS 25 bikes see the most price increases of all its models. Fares including both versions have increased by Rs. 3,000, and the base FZ 25 is now available for $1,49,900. (ex-sh). It’s remarkable that the 149cc FZ-FI and FZS-FI propellers, the youngest in the FZ family, don’t see an increase in cost. It seems sense that this vehicle, which is Yamaha’s best-selling model, is immune from the price increase. FZ-X costs have increased by Rs. 1,500, with increased beginning pricing of $1,34,400. (ex-sh). We go up the pricing scale to the Yamaha MT15. The price of this model varies depending on the colour. For MT15, the price increase is Rs. 1,000 throughout the board. Rates now range from Rs. 1,64,400 for Black to Rs. 1,66,400 for MotoGP Version.

In contrast to Yamaha’s motorcycle inventory, where FZ is excluded, the company’s scooter lineup sees budget increases throughout the spectrum. Range begins at 125 Fascino. For disc brake variations, there are incremental price increases of Rs. 1,700 and a flat increase of Rs. 1,000. In practice, the updated price for Fascino is Rs. 77,100 for the base model and Rs. 88,730 for the Special Edition.


The same reasoning is also applicable to RayZR. Variants with drum brakes now cost Rs. 1,000 more, while those with disc brakes now cost Rs. 1,700 more. Cost increases of Rs. 1,500 are implemented for both the basic model and the MotoGP variant of Yamaha’s flagship two – wheeler, the Aerox 155. Prices for RayZR and Aerox 155 now start at Rs. 81,230 and Rs. 1,40,800, respectively.


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