Hero’s new model, available in only 20 thousand, has created panic in the market; its features and specifications are attracting people towards itself. Hero’s great model is available on a low budget, with features in discussion. No bike of any type is currently available in the market in this budget, but Hero has brought a lot of change in the price of this model!

Hero Passion Pro range:

The last listed price of Hero Passion Pro is Rs. 87,138, but many models of Hero Passion Pro are available for sale on Droom, in the range of 20 to 30 thousand. So, let’s know about them in detail.

Hero Passion Pro is based on the 100-cc Petrol Manual Model:

The 2013 model of Hero Passion Pro is available for sale at Rs.29,050. It is a 100cc model which has been driven up to 75,000 km. It can be bought from Ghaziabad and is a petrol model.

This model is available for Rs.28,065 in New Delhi. It was registered in 2013 and has driven up to 49,319 Km. Moreover, it is a petrol manual model. A 2014 registered model is also available for sale in Delhi, which has been driven for 18,000 km and is priced at Rs 29,050.

Hero Passion Plus Model:

The Hero Passion Plus model is available for sale at an even lower price. Its 2008 model is offered for sale in Ghaziabad for Rs.15,000. It has driven 65,300 Km and is a petrol manual model. Hero Passion Plus 100cc 2006 model in Bangalore is available for Rs 25,000 onwards. This bike has been driven up to 19,700 Km and is also a manual petrol model.

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