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Hero-Harley 350cc & 500cc Bikes – New Details Emerge

A few years ago, Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp teamed up to promote and sell Harley-Davidson motorcycles in India. Hero, on the other hand, has access to Harley’s technology. We reported that Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson would launch a new line of reasonably priced quarter-litre and middle-weight motorcycles nationwide.

According to a recent media source, Hero MotoCorp recently showed several of its following motorcycles to a restricted group of people, including some dealers. Two motorcycles were displayed by the company, one of which was a cruiser with no branding or badging. This motorbike resembled the Harley-Davidson 338R, which the American company is anticipated to release in particular markets. According to a recent rumour, the manufacturer requested input on the cruiser’s features and style.

The second motorcycle, which was also unbranded, had bold appearance and a single-cylinder engine with many functions. Hero MotoCorp and its dealers considered different price points and competition.

According to reports in the international press, Harley-Davidson and the Chinese Qianjiang JV have acquired official government approval to begin producing motorcycles. These two motorcycles internally referred to as the HD350 and HD500, got type approval. According to rumours, the ‘X350’ and ‘X500’ model names will be used for the final products.

The motorbike with the reduced capacity is anticipated to feature a 338cc twin engine based on the 300cc engine found in the Benelli 302S. It might also feature USD front forks, multi-spoke wheels, and petal disc brakes in addition to a bigger 353cc version of this engine. Although this engine can produce 36 horsepower, the motorcycle will weigh about 195 kg at the curb. According to Harley’s certification form, the 350cc bike will have a top speed of roughly 143kmph.

According to reports, the larger motorcycle will primarily be composed of Benelli Leoncino 500 pieces. With a top speed of about 160 km/h, the motorcycle’s 500cc engine generates 47 horsepower. The kerb weight of the Harley HD500 will be 207 kilogrammes. The bike and its Chinese brother will have the same brake and suspension configuration.


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