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Hero Electric scooters have great alternatives in the market; See the complete list

These days the demand for electric vehicles is increasing continuously in the Indian market. In the electric vehicle segment, Ola is India’s largest-selling electric scooter brand. If you are also considering buying an electric scooter, then Hero’s electric scooters that compete with Ola are also available in the market. You can have a look at these amazing electric scooters from Hero. You can get these scooters in a good range and affordable price.

Hero Electric Optima CX:

This electric scooter gives a range of 42 kilometres on a single charge. It has a top speed of 42 kmph and comes at a price of just ₹67190.

Hero Electric NYX HX:

The company claims this electric scooter ranges 165 kilometres on a single charge. Running 42 kilometres per hour, the electric scooter gets fully charged in 4 hours. Its price is ₹ 86540 ex-showroom. This scooter can leave behind Ola’s vehicles and is also very economical.

Hero Electric Photon:

Hero Electric Photon gives a speed of 45 kilometres per hour, and this electric scooter has a range of 108 kilometres. The price of the vehicle has been kept at ₹ 86391.

Hero Electric Atria:

It is a low-range electric scooter. It can deliver a range of 50 kilometres on a single charge at 25 kilometres per hour. Its price is ₹ 77690.

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