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Harley Davidson motorcycle, auctioned for Rs 7.73 crore, became the world’s most expensive motorcycle

The world’s most expensive bike is a vintage model of Harley Davidson, which was recently auctioned for Rs 7.73 crore. This is a 115-year-old vintage bike. Recently, when the auction process was done in Las Vegas, a city in America, a 1908 model old bike Harley Davidson fetched a bid of US $ 9,35,000, which is ₹ 7,73,17,020 according to Indian rupees. After this bid, it became the most expensive bike in the world. In the same auction event, a 1907 model strap tank bike was sold for Rs 5.91 crore.

Mecum Auctions organized this auction event in Las Vegas last month. According to a report in Fox Business, it has been informed that Mecum Auctions had uploaded a photo of this strap tank bike on its Facebook page, indicating Vintagent, a website that sells vintage bikes. The oil and fuel tank was attached to the frame of this model through a nickel plate, due to which it was named the strap tank. Many people have stopped riding this bike. Although its fan following is still very high.

According to the reports of Morning Express, the company made a total of 450 units of this bike in 1908. Out of which 12 units are still road worthy. According to the report of Fox Business, this bike was bought in 1941 by a person named David Uhlen. Who used this bike for 66 years? People like this vintage bike a lot and want to buy it.

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