Now slowly, the trend of people is moving towards electric vehicles. Apart from this, people also prefer to buy electric cars to eliminate the rising diesel and petrol prices. In this sequence, vehicle manufacturers are also continuously launching electric vehicles, but the price of electric vehicles is higher than common people can easily buy. So today we are telling you about such a method. With this, you can easily buy electric two-wheeler vehicles.

Convert old vehicles to electric vehicles.

Honda Activa is one of the top-selling scooters in the country. It has a high demand in the market. But if you also want to get rid of this petrol scooter, you can convert it to electricity.

In today’s time, the cost of electric vehicles is very high. That is why middle-class people cannot buy them, but if you want, you can easily convert your old vehicle into an electric vehicle by installing an electric conversion kit. One of the most popular scooters in the country is the Honda Activa. It is in great demand on the market. However, you can convert it to electric if you also wish to get rid of the gasoline scooter.
Additionally, this will reduce your expenses. By adding this kit, which costs only Rs. 18330, you can turn your Honda Activa scooter electric. After this, you will also get the best range.

GoGoA1 Company released Electric Conversion Kit.

The GoGoA1 company specifically designed this electric conversion kit for the Honda Activa scooter. A new company from Maharashtra founded it. You can order this kit by visiting the company’s website and turning your scooter electric. This kit is available in two forms, one of which is fully electric and the other hybrid.

RTO has also approved this conversion kit. The hybrid version of this kit costs Rs 18,330, and the complete electric version costs Rs 23,000. Installing this kit allows you to enjoy the journey for the next three years. You will not need to spend any money on your scooter.

What will be the range and features of the Honda Electric Scooter?

This electric conversion kit includes a BLDC hub motor with a power output of 120 watts and 60 volts. In addition, a 72 Volt 30 Ah battery pack will be offered, which you will need to purchase separately. Additionally, it is available for rent for Rs 35,000. This battery can provide a range of approximately 100 kilometres on a single charge. If you use this electric conversion kit, you won’t have to worry about paying anything for the next three years.

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