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Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter offers a range of 200 km on a single charge

India’s demand for electric vehicles has grown huge during the past few years. The increase in the cost of gasoline and diesel is the primary reason for this. Because of the rising demand for EVs, numerous auto and start-up businesses are introducing their electric vehicles in this market. Every electric bike and scooter is released with powerful features and ranges to draw in customers.
In such a situation, today we will talk about Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter, launched with a premium price, attractive range, and smart features. This electric scooter created a buzz as soon as it was launched in the market. Let us now know about its specification, range, and top speed.

Electron Pro Max Electric Scooter

Electron Mobility has launched this electric scooter in the EV market. The top speed and range of this electric scooter are amazing. Not only this but a warranty is also being given on its battery and motor. The company has introduced it in three variants Electron Pro, Electron Pro X and Electron Pro Max. This Electron Pro Max is one of the top variants of the company.

Top Speed and Range

According to the company’s claim, a powerful 5.4 kWh battery has been used in it, which, once fully charged, can give a driving range of up to 200 kilometers per charge. From the company, it gets three modes: Sports Mode, Power Mode, and City Mode. It also has reverse mode.

Battery & Power

The company has used a powerful battery in it. It is powered by a removable 5.4 kWh lithium-ion battery that can be easily swapped out when discharged. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged from zero. It comes with two batteries. Due to this, a good driving range is available.

Motor and Torque

This electric scooter uses a powerful 5.4 kwh battery and a 9.6 kWh peak power generating motor, which has a rating of ip67. It cannot be harmed by water and fire.

Battery Charging Time

It has a removable 5.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, which takes about 4 to 5 hours to charge from zero to full once. It comes with two batteries.

Warranty Period and Colour Option

The company gives a 3-year warranty on this tremendous electric scooter. There is a 3-year warranty on the entire scooter, including the battery. The company has launched the Electron Pro Max electric scooter in six colours to make it look attractive and classy. which is
·       White
·       Grey
·       Red
·       Blue
·       Black
·       Silver

Smart Features and Specification

Features include:
Anti-skid braking.
Two batteries.
A heat protection motor.
A phase change cooling material.
An LED headlight.
SIM connectivity.
It has a key for the remote control whose key is foldable. The remote control contains a lock switch, an unlock switch, and a tailgate opening switch. Smart features have also been applied in a variety of other contexts. A USB connector for charging portable devices is also included. You can effortlessly charge your phone while using this while moving around. It has a comfortable seat. For the same better riding experience, the telescopic suspension has been given at the front of the Pro Max electric scooter, and the rear suspension is a mainshock absorber. An anti-skid braking system has been added to prevent your scooter from skidding.

What is the price of this scooter?

The company did an impressive job of introducing this electric scooter to the market. Its features are also extremely impressive. The price of this electric scooter, ex-showroom, is Rs 1,79,990. Prices vary based on different cities and incentives.
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