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Electric scooter with 170 km range launched Indian market

The craze of EV scooters is continuously increasing nationwide, so many companies are launching their EV cars, bikes and scooters in the Indian market. Now another electric two-wheeler has been launched. Bengaluru-based electric vehicle startup River has been launched. The company claims that this scooter is the country’s first SUV scooter. This scooter has been named Indie E-Scooter.

Features of Indie EV Scooter

The startup company claims that this Indie-e scooter has a total tank capacity of 55 litres, including 43 litres of boot space and 12 litres of the glove compartment. Many other things in this scooter are not found in other EV scooters.

The company gave this scooter a 4 kW battery pack with a 6.7 kW power electric motor. The company claims this scooter can be charged from 0 to 80 per cent in 5 hours. The company has also claimed that the scooter will get a mileage of 120 kmph and a top speed of 90 kmph. It has three modes Eco, Second Ride and Rush Mode. Indie e-scooter has 14-inch wheels. The company also claims that this scooter can lift to 200 kg.

Indie EV Scooter Price

Startup company River’s Indie e-scooter has a starting price of Rs 1,25,000. The scooter has been designed to support a wide variety of drivers. The deliveries of these scooters are likely to start in August 2023.

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