Customers may now get a TVS Raider worth more over 1 lakh for a down payment of just 12000 in 2023 because to the expansion of businesses that have taken out new credit offerings for their clients. If you’re in this circumstance and want a new motorcycle, you may benefit from the company’s bumper offer on TVS Rider. With a down payment as low as $12,000, you can use these financial deals by visiting your local dealer or the company’s website.

Down payment, EMI and Interest Rate on TVS Rider

The TVS two-wheeler manufacturer has formally activated this deal; if you purchase a TVS Raider with a down payment of 12,000, you must make EMI payments of 3100 per month at a 10% interest rate. In addition, you will be required to pay an EMI of Rs 3250 per month at an interest rate of 10% if you purchase a car for Rs 1.10 lakh with a down payment of Rs 12,000.

Regarding the look of TVS Raider, the company believes it comes with a better look than Royal Enfield’s most famous bike Bullet, in which many advanced features have been used. In such a situation, this is the biggest finance offer of 2023, in which you can bring home this stylish-looking bike at a price of only ₹ 12000.

Large seat and comfort with top features

Due to the increasing trend, nowadays many people need it, so the company has also given a USB port to charge the smartphone. Advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, smart display, calling connectivity, riding modes, and navigation are also available, which is only sometimes available in this budget range bike.

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