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Buy this Electric Scooter Motorcycle For Rs 35,000

This hoverboard is not a final article for sale as the inventor constructed it out of waste components.

Have you ever wished for a cheaper hoverboard? You’re in for a treat, though, since electric scooters are now more widely available in India than ever. Today, various manufacturers sell electric two-wheelers. Some of which also go beneath the radar.

However, most of them resemble every other electric two-wheeler on the market. What if you want anything which stands out from the crowd? What if you require something unusual? One with a unique personality who catches the attention of everyone who sees it? Nausha from Punjab appears to be on your side.

Nausha Electric Scooter/Motorcycle

Nausha hoverboard is not a corporation that imports EV parts from China, slap a trademark on them, and calls it a day. This is not yet a commercially available commodity. The holder of this eccentric electric motorcycle created it as a recreational activity. He claims to have constructed the electric car out of junk components deemed inappropriate for use. Nausha has carefully selected discarded parts that would work well with this construction. The cylindrical middle section of the EV appears to be the casing of a decommissioned agricultural submersible borewell motor.

It appears like additional frame parts are made of scrap metal. Although Nausha claims that everything is recycled, the hub motor, battery, and controller seem to come from another EV. Suspension pieces from other electric carts may also be used. Wheels are likely to be 10″ in diameter, a standard size. The primary cylindrical enclosure houses the battery, controller, BMS, and other equipment. While the hub motor is located on the rear. Two versions are in doubt, one yellow and one black. The yellow automobile has front drum brakes, but the black does not. In the front and rear, there are aftermarket LED headlights and taillights.

Price & Launch

Nausha adds that his initial iteration only cost him Rs. 40,000. Because this original version had a lot of questionable design decisions, he notes that if he had to construct it again and sell it, it would only cost him Rs. 35,000. He further states that there have been several bookings from all around the nation and even from outside. In the future, he hopes to incorporate engine braking.

Despite how weird it may appear, the weight distribution on this layout would be terrible since all of its bulk is high. As an automotive engineer, I have constructed electric automobiles from the bottom up in electrical vehicle factories. Several things I would have handled differently. But it’s only me. What are your thoughts? Would you purchase this unusual hoverboard? But one thing remains, and it is praiseworthy. This was made out of discarded stuff. As a result, thank the person for effectively using scrap materials and putting together a functioning prototype. Please remember that this is not a kaput product and is not for sale.

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