The demand for electric scooters and bikes is increasing rapidly in the country. Because of this demand, many companies have started launching electric vehicles, due to which the range of these vehicles in the market has become huge.

In the wide range of this electric scooter, today we are talking about the electric two-wheeler maker Benling India’s electric scooter Benling Aura, high-tech features and long-range scooter with an attractive design.

Battery pack and motor power of the Benling Aura Electric Scooter:

Regarding the scooter’s power and battery, the company has placed a 72 V, 40 Ah Lithium Ion battery pack and a BLDC motor that produces 25000 watts of power.

Battery Charging Time, Range, and Top Speed of Benling Aura Electric Scooter:

According to the company, the scooter’s battery can be fully charged in under 4 hours. To that end, they have provided a 72 V, 10 As charger.
Regarding the scooter’s range and top speed, the company claims it has a top speed of 60 km/h and a range of 120 km (in eco mode).

Driving Modes and Braking System of Benling Aura Electric Scooter:

The manufacturing company of this scooter has provided four driving modes, the first of which is low, the second of which is eco, the third of which is sports, and the fourth of which is turbo speed. This was done in consideration of the various driving styles of people. In terms of the scooter’s braking system, the company has included a regenerative braking system-based combination of drum brakes in the scooter’s rear wheel and disc brakes in its front wheel.

Features of Benling Aura Electric Scooter:

Regarding the scooter’s features, the manufacturer has listed a removable battery, a movable headlamp, a 12V smartphone USB charger port, push-button start-stop, smart breakdown assistance, a smart digital speedometer, remote entry, and parking Things like that are included. It also has an assist and telescopic suspension. Keeping in mind the youth, the company has introduced this scooter with three attractive colour schemes: Matte Black, Matte Plum Purple, and Glossy Blue.

Price and Competition of Benling Aura Electric Scooter:

Talking about the price of this electric scooter, its price is going to be around Rs 92,151 ex-showroom. The competition for this electric scooter will be with some electric scooters already present in the market, including Ola’s electric scooter and Ampere.

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