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B2B electric scooter launched, with a range of up to 75 km on a single charge, lifts to 250 kg weight

Odysse Trot Electric Scooter

In every field, it is evident that the EV industry is growing quickly. These new start-ups are also making significant investments in this sector. The new B2B electric two-wheeler Odysse Trot has been introduced by Mumbai-based start-up company Odysse Electric. Let’s discuss its specifics.
The company created an electric bike to provide long-distance logistics. This electric bike has a loading capacity and is intended for last-mile logistics. Additionally, it has greater power and range. This electric bicycle has a loading capacity of up to 250 kg and can move smoothly.

Odysse Trot Electric Scooter Battery, Range and Motor

A removable 60V 32Ah waterproof battery has been used in this electric bike. This electric scooter can be run up to a range of 75 km on a single charge. The same electric motor of 250 watts capacity has been given with its battery, whose maximum speed is 25 km per hour. The electric scooter has drum brakes at the front and a disc brake at the rear.

Electric Scooter Battery Charging Time, Top speed, and Warranty

Its battery can be fully charged in 4 hours with a normal charger. Its top speed is around 25 kilometers per hour. The company is giving 3 years Warranty on the battery of this electric scooter and a 1-year Warranty on the powertrain.

Electric Scooter Features and Specifications

The company has included many advanced features in Odysse Trot, claiming that it meets all the requirements related to last-mile delivery. The Trot is one such vehicle that has been designed to meet specific delivery needs. It can load heavy items like gas cylinders, hardware equipment, water cans etc., to daily items like groceries, medicines etc. This electric scooter is also available with additional customized accessories, with the help of which one can carry these products comfortably and safely.
GPS monitoring of this scooter has been provided using the IoT tracking device and several smart features. Additionally included in this electric bike are LED lighting, a LED display, and a smart BMS.
·       Battery                            Removable 60V 32Ah Waterproof Battery
·       Motor                             250 watt
·       Loading capacity            250kg
·       Range                             75 km
·       Top Speed                      25 km/h
·       Engine                            Electric

What will be the Price?

Its Price has been fixed up to 99,999 by the company. The company claims it is the most robust heavy-duty bike specially designed for last-mile logistics with a loading capacity of up to 250 kg. It has an IoT connectivity feature that supports tracking, immobilization, geo-fencing, and other new features.
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