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Auto Expo 2023 First geared electric bike; Compete with Pulsar

Along with the electric car, new experiments are being done every day in the electric two and three-wheeler segment. The country’s first electric gear bike is about to come on the market. A company is making it from Ahmedabad. Bookings will also open in a few days, but the most exciting thing about this bike is its looks and features. In this regard, it competes for all the sporty naked bikes of the new age. It is compared to Bajaj Pulsar, the most popular motorcycle in the sports naked segment. Ahmedabad’s startup company Matter has made this bike. The Matter had made this bike public recently. The company has not yet disclosed its price, nor has the name of this bike been decided. The company will start booking it at the beginning of the new year. At the same time, its name and price will be revealed.

This electric bike is entirely in step with the current trend regarding functionality and design. The category of naked sporty bikes is where it has been put. This has a very attractively designed headlight, indicators, and handlebar. It shares the first impression with other bikes in the market and the petrol-powered Pulsar. You wouldn’t know it was an electric bike from looking at it. The alloy wheels and colour scheme are also commanding in addition to this. According to the video on Matter’s website, this bike will be released in various colour options.

 It has a 5.0kWh liquid-cooled battery pack. At this battery capacity, this bike will generate a maximum power of 10.5kW, i.e. 14 bhp and 520Nm torque. This bike has a four-speed hyper-shift gear.

The company still needs to disclose the range and price of this bike. But a lot can be inferred from the battery pack fitted in it. This bike has a 5.0kWh lithium-ion battery. This means it will cover a distance of around 125-150 km on a single charge. As far as the price is concerned, an EV can be estimated based on the battery pack. About 40 per cent of the total cost of electric vehicles comes from the battery. This way, if we talk about a 5.0 kWh lithium-ion battery, it sits around 70-75 thousand rupees. Thus, the bike price with this gear can be between 1.5 to 1.75 lakhs. This bike can be charged from a regular domestic power socket of 5 amperes.

This bike will be seen at Auto Expo.

 The bike will also be showcased at the Auto Expo, held in Delhi in January. This bike will be produced at the company’s Ahmedabad plant. The production capacity of this plant is 60 thousand units per year. The battery of this bike will also be manufactured in this plant.

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