Ather’s upcoming electric scooter can be a more comfortable two-wheeler. Apart from this, the company can also launch a new electric scooter at an affordable price.

Indian electric scooter company Ather Energy will organize Community Day on January 7, 2023. On this day, the company can make many announcements regarding the products. According to reports, a new electric scooter can also be introduced on January 7. However, much information about Ather’s new electric scooter has yet to be received. Two possibilities are being expressed regarding the upcoming electric scooter. Firstly, the new electric scooter could be a cheaper version of the existing 450X model. On the other hand, it could also be a completely new model.

In the Indian electric two-wheeler market, the company sells two electric scooters – 450 Plus and 450X. Talking about their price, both electric scooters are quite expensive. In such a situation, it is expected that the new electric scooter can be a cheaper version. The company can also make some changes to keep the price of the new scooter affordable. A tubular steel frame could be used for the new electric scooter instead of the expensive aluminium lattice frame used to make the 450X.

Earlier, the company had registered a patent for a new electric scooter. According to the auto website Autocar, its design looks like a maxi-scooter. Keep in mind the customers’ comfort; a flat seat can be used in the new electric scooter. Let us tell you that the step unit is used in 450X.

The company may also introduce the 450X and 450 Plus electric scooters with a new colour scheme. At the same time, like the 450X Series 1, their limited edition model also needs to be ruled out.

Talking about the current electric scooters of Ather, the price of 450X and 450 Plus without subsidy is Rs. 1,71,520. However, after subsidy and other expenses, the effective price of 450X is Rs.1,39,005 and 450 Plus is Rs.1,17,495. Once fully charged, these electric scooters can cover a distance of up to 105 kilometres under True Range.



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