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Ather 450X electric scooter caught fire, and the company issued a statement

As the number of electric scooters is increasing in the country. Similarly, there are reports of electric scooters catching fire occasionally. In this news, we are telling you that in the latest case, the scooter of which company caught fire and for what reason it caught fire.

A video is going viral on social media. The damage caused after an electric scooter caught fire is shown. The scooter demonstrated in the video belongs to Ather company, and its rear part has been destroyed due to the fire. However, the scooter remained safe from the front.

The company issued a statement on the matter when the video went viral on social media after the fire accident. The company issued a statement saying that we have recently received information about an accident with a scooter. According to the company, the real reason behind the scooter that caught fire was the wiring harness assembly. One of the connectors on the motor controller was torqued incorrectly. This caused sparking around the controller terminals. Our safety system reacted quickly and immediately switched off the power supply, which helped control the accident.

The company also informed us that the BMS and dashboard were completely safe in the accident. We want to clarify that battery thermal has nothing to do with this incident. Our team does a thorough check before the delivery of any scooter. Our battery packs are designed in such a way that they can match global standards.

The company recognized this as human error and has since upgraded our manufacturing operations and equipment. The two-step verification process has been introduced so that this does not happen again.

The company offers special types of safety features for charging scooters. These include features such as in-built cut-off and surge protection. Due to this, the scooter gets automatically cut off when it is 100 per cent charged, while the scooter remains safe even if there is a problem with the power supply.

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