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A woman riding a Royal Enfield in Saree is driving the internet crazy video

In India, it is no longer unusual to see women riding motorcycles. We have female riders who have competed and are skilled at pulling off tricks. Women have been seen riding motorcycles on multiple occasions and shared such images on social media. One of these videos of women riding motorcycles has become widely popular online. Two saree-clad women are seen riding a Royal Enfield motorcycle at night in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Sona omi posted the video to her Instagram account. Two women are seen riding a modern Royal Enfield motorcycle in this internet video that has gone viral. The motorcycle’s female driver exudes a lot of confidence and appears to have been riding the same way for some time. The pillion passenger, a lady, is sitting comfortably and occasionally glancing at the camera filming the scene.

This video differed from others in that the rider and the pillion were dressed in sarees while operating the motorcycle. Many even praised them in the comment area as she rode the bike without any problems. It is unusual to see a woman riding a motorcycle while wearing a saree. She was riding with assurance, although dressed traditionally. Since it was posted, the video has gotten close to 70,000 views and close to 900 comments.

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle is the most recent model introduced to the market last year. It is one of the manufacturer’s best-selling vehicles and now has a new platform and engine. Compared to earlier, the motorcycle is smoother, and the engine is much more refined. The motorcycle also has a semi-digital instrument cluster that displays the odometer, trip metre, and fuel level.

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