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2023 Bajaj chetak to come in its electric version, with improved riding range; Check out the details

In the olden days, the scooter of the Bajaj company used to be very famous. This Bajaj scooter used to be everyone’s first choice. This company has recently launched its new electric avatar in the Indian market. One such vehicle is the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter, which combines a classic look with cutting-edge technology. This vehicle somehow makes the old “Hamara Bajaj” music appear again in a remixed form appropriate for the present. People have been waiting for this scooter for a long time already. Let us know in this post about this electric scooter going to be launched by Bajajā€¦

When electric mobility gained popularity in India, Bajaj decided to develop an electric vehicle, giving rise to the new Chetak. According to Bajaj, the scooter platform is ideal for EVs, so they chose the moniker “Chetak.” The head of Bajaj’s electric vehicle division, Eric Vas, explains, “When it came to steel and durability, we thought of the brand name we had within Bajaj, Chetak, which stood for great quality and value. Why not utilise that brand name, we said.

Bajaj chetak Electric Scooter design:

Chetak’s design is the first thing that draws attention. It has a timeless appearance because of its classic design, which includes a rounded headlamp and flowing bodywork. Bajaj has maintained uniform panel gaps because it used an all-metal construction. The use of metal also ensures that none of the panels will become loose over time and that they last a lot longer than plastic components.

Bajaj chetak Electric Scooter Battery, Motor, Range:

The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter currently available in the market gives a range of 90 kilometres on a single charge. Still, its updated version will be able to give a range of up to 110 kilometres. Keeping in view the market demand, Bajaj has updated its old products. A 4080-watt BLDC motor is used in this electric scooter. A 50.4V, 60Ah lithium-ion battery powers it. This battery takes 5 hours to get fully charged.

Bajaj chetak Electric Scooter Features:

Significant features have been used in this premium electric scooter, out of which LED light, no turn signal, digital Bluetooth instrument cluster etc., have been given. The scooter uses a 3.8 KW electric motor paired with a 3 KWH battery. It can generate a torque of 16 Nm.

Bajaj chetak Electric Scooter Price:

The ex-showroom price of Bajaj’s Chetak electric scooter is 1.52 lakh rupees. Its on-road price will reflect the difference. It is available on the company’s official website or nearby showroom.



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